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Henderson Web Designer: The 3 Musts for a Successful Landing Page

One of the most useful tools for your digital marketing campaigns is the customized landing page. A landing page is a dedicated page on your site that a user lands on after clicking an ad. They’re essential whether you’re marketing to former customers or brand-new ones; landing pages increase conversions, period.

They also can help you rank higher locally through Google analytics if used properly! So, what’s the catch? If they’re so great, why doesn’t everyone use them? Landing pages need to have a few ‘musts’ to be successful. Don’t worry! This Henderson web designer is here to help you. We’ve got our top three must-dos for creating a landing page that leads to conversions!

1. Understand Who Each Landing Page is Targeting

As with any digital advertising campaign, knowing who you’re trying to reach is the biggest ‘must’. You want to know who you’re talking to! Even if you plan on using landing pages for email marketing campaigns, you can tweak the content to create meaningful interactions. New customers will be reached differently than existing but the landing page process is the same.

Figure out who you’re trying to reach first (old or new) and build the content from there. A trusted Henderson web design expert can create multiple landing pages that reach specific audiences. You may even want to tailor the landing pages based on what counts as conversion to your company.

Are you running Google ads to get sales on your product? Have a prominent ‘buy now’ button as the call-to-action on the landing page. Hoping to capture an audience’s information for future email campaigns? Sign up buttons are a simple way to gain customer info. Figure out who you’re reaching and build a landing page around that to get the best return on investment.

2. Nobody Likes a Visually Boring Website

Visuals are crucial for retaining a visitor’s interest on your landing page. Studies have shown old or outdated websites are deemed to be less trustworthy to modern viewers. We advocate for always keeping your website up-to-date but if anything gets special design treatment, it should be your landing page! A clear overall design is a base for a successful landing page.

Navigation should be available and easy to find, but not encouraged. If you’ve got the customer to click your ad and look at the page, don’t ask them to leave! Relevant images are a bright and eye-catching way to keep users engaged with your page. Even video has been showing up as a successful tool for visually catching attention. Keep in mind any visuals (be it photos or videos) need to be relevant to your message and brand. Repeat business is more likely when users can immediately recognize your company’s personality!

3. It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It: Landing Page Content

Nothing is more important than what you say. A beautifully designed website will flop if the content isn’t up to par. A successful landing page is one that has beautiful visuals, a strong targeted audience, and engaging content. ‘Engaging’ content does not need to be lengthy! A single good headline can draw in conversions more than a paragraph, depending on who you’re talking to. Shorter content works better than longer written pieces for landing pages!

The average attention span is about 8 seconds, so get your message through concisely. You should ask yourself: ‘if I was looking at this page, what is the most important thing I want to know’. Many people quickly scan a page (remember: 8 seconds) to see if it’s got the information they’re looking for. A single headline can grip their attention.

Writing engaging content for a successful landing page is harder than it seems! You may want to consult a professional Henderson web designer to see if your content is up to snuff. For more web design tips and help starting your website contact Success City Online.

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