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When asked for a definition of what Google is, what comes to mind? Is it a name that we readily know as the go-to search engine for all our browsing needs? Or is it more than that? As we ponder that question we will be quick to discover that it is one that stands on the tip of a very large iceberg, for there is much more to Google than what meets the eye. Google may very well be yes, a vastly quintessential household name that has grown to be synonymous with the act of searching the web itself, but behind the surface of this very familiar facade,  is a very large company that makes it all happen.

Google is not the search engine itself, but rather a rapidly growing business empire that owns that search engine. It
is a company that over the years, it has aggressively grown by leaps and bounds into a commercial entity of astounding proportions. And it unrelentingly seeks to assert its dominance over multiple markets by maintaining a propensity to gobble up smaller companies through mergers and other acquisitions. This has consequently resulted in Google expanding into places on the web you would have never expected. Take YouTube for example. Did you know that Google acquired YouTube in 2006? In lieu of bringing this to attention, Google enacted a complete reconstitution of how people can comment on YouTube. The business giant made it so that only people with Google+ Accounts can comment, and that comments will no longer be displayed in
chronological order but rather be arranged in accordance with other parameters like relevance, popularity, commenter’s community engagement, reputation and upvotes.

This calls to attention another pertinent facet of Google’s expansionist campaign; Google+. Google+ is a social networking site similar to Facebook where users and businesses may create profiles and share information with one another. Speculators are optimistic about the growth of Google+ as a social networking site, citing that it is the next big thing to watch out for with regards to social networking. Since its introduction in 2011, its membership base has grown to a mind-blowing approximation of 500 million members, making it the second most patronized social networking site in existence today. But what makes this social networking entity all the more interesting is the fact that Google is pushing a hard offensive to incorporate the use of Google+ in many if not all of the services it provides. This in turn further solidifies their market position by creating a dependency between using these services to the utilization of Google+.

Another remarkable verity about Google+ is that it has an up-vote function called a ‘+1’ function, similar to Facebook’s ‘Like’ function. A +1 vote to a particular page can increase its page rank in Google’s search engine function, causing the page to rise closer to the top of the browser’s search results. However what is not mentioned is that a ‘+1’ up-vote bears more weight than a corresponding ‘Like’ up-vote, it being a Google function after all. This further contributes to the already staggering collection of initiatives Google employs to expand and assert control over its desired markets.

In conclusion, one can speculate based on the facts presented that the continual growth (including older generations) of the already gigantic business empire will result in it expanding everywhere and go on to own a little bit of everything in our lives. But of course, such can only be pondered upon as there is no official declaration from Google that such is their intention.


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