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Gain Followers with These Creative Holiday Post Ideas

What better way to start a new year than with new and improved social media marketing? Being authentic and getting truly creative on your social media channels can build your follower base, who you can then turn into loyal customers. Use these Facebook post ideas for any holiday and take your lead generation to the next level.

Run a Holiday Contest

A creative Facebook holiday post that can boost your followers is a holiday contest. These can take many forms and are popular throughout the year. For example, you can enter new followers into a raffle as a “12 Days of Holiday Giveaway”. You can encourage likes and tags for entry to contests. The options are endless. The prize? A gift certificate or a free giveaway of your signature item, of course! 

Share What You Love 

Living Grace Homes IG post
Living Grace Homes tags donators in a thank you post.

Amplify posts with other organizations on your Facebook. This tells your followers that you care about your local community. Try highlighting a local restaurant, a charity like a Boys and Girls Club, or any other business as a way to connect with your audience and expand your reach. Bonus points if that organization is doing something great for a holiday. 

Highlight Holiday Themes

Dr.Death IG post

What are the things we all love about the holidays? The answer is simple: food, fellowship, and fun. You don’t even have to be overly overt about the holidays; people will pick up on that themselves. Instead, find a way to tie your holiday posts to your business. For example, consider a Dr. Death Pest Control post that relates to its audience through cleverly written captions. 

Want to know the do’s or don’ts for social media during the holidays? Follow our simple guide here. 

EIC casino IG post

Advertising sales during a holiday should be a no-brainer. If you’re not running a special on your goods and services through the holidays, you’re missing out on the most direct and effective way to pull in new clients. Emerald Island Casino, for example, runs monthly promotions on food and gaming. You can run a sale for any holiday such as Valentine’s or St. Patrick’s! 

Give Back to the Community

If you value a local shelter, nonprofit, research project, or educational institute, go the extra mile to support them. Try running a charity fundraiser or a grand gala event. Giving away your goods and services in a raffle is a great way to give back to the community and show holiday spirit. Your brand will grow as you become more involved and seen. 

These are just a few ways to get creative with social media during any holiday. If you’re looking for proven methods that will build your brand, we can help. Get results with Success City Online and contact us today!

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