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rebecca edwards

Entrepreneur Rebecca Edwards is a Las Vegas fashion designer making a big impression. Her passion drives her fashion and that drive is exactly the kind of attitude we love to celebrate in Success City!   She employs many of the most important success strategies we love to talk about and it is paying off…big!

Beginning as a freelance costume designer she has become a leading fashion designer in the Rock-a- billy/Pin-up style. Her designs are beautiful and very unique. She describes the lifestyle as “Psyco-billy”!

Rebecca interviewed with us recently and told us that she, like most entrepreneurs, she started out not knowing exactly what she was going to do.

Out of high school knew she wanted to own a business and because she kept going (and by learning a lot along the way), she has made a name for herself. Perseverance is one critical factors our entrepreneurs share and it s hands down one of the best success strategies you can put in place.

Many, many years ago, a mentor of mine said “If you can have the guts to be bad long enough you will eventually be good enough.” Stupid advice, I thought at the time, but I see it play out that way time and again. I think what he actually meant is that you have to keep trying AND be willing to change the things that don’t work to concentrate on the things that do. But the big idea is to never give up.

Rebecca also tells us about the crazy competition she faces in her field and how she handles it. Her success strategy for this is that she focuses on quality to keep her customers buying from her in spite of negative tactics by her competition.

Her mentorship has led to the success of another designer. Instead of being threatened by a new competitor, Rebecca has learned the value of sharing what she has learned and realizes that there is plenty of room for success out there. Not only are her fashions made in the USA, even better she is creating jobs here in Las Vegas! Way to go Rebecca.

What a fun interview with this talented young woman. Listen below to hear from Rebecca and be sure to check out here website at


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