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Facebook Ads: Social Media Agency Secrets

Over 2 billion people use Facebook every day, that is a lot of people for your business to reach. To make that task even more daunting, there are a ton of other companies trying to reach the same people whom you have to compete with. That is some pretty hefty competition to keep up with.

You can be running what seems like the absolute best ad in the world, but not getting any return if you don’t understand some of the social media secrets to running Facebook ads. Social media agencies are often trained in what to look for, how to analyze what’s currently running, and how to adapt to new trends and topics – which is a short way of saying that they know all the secrets of the trade.

One of the most important things that a social media agency can do for you is optimize where you want your Facebook ad placed. There are three major ways to place an ad on Facebook: a desktop feed ad, a side banner ad, or a mobile scrolling ad. While each has their own advantages, social media managers are able to assess exactly which one will work for you.

Desktop feed ads tend to get a higher click rate with a lower conversion rate (great if you just want exposure), side banner ads get a higher conversion rate with a lower click rate (amazing if you’re interested in sales), and mobile scrolling ads are optimized for both, which gives you a balance. Social media agencies know how to work the system to ensure you receive the best ROI for what you’re looking for.

Another huge secret that social media agencies like to try to keep to themselves is how to target the right clientele for your business. Say you’re a local baseball stadium that wants to draw people in: who would you target? Probably people who live in the city your stadium is in. A social media agency knows to branch out.

We’ll look for people who have recently shown interest in little leagues, local baseball teams, and even those who have been surfing major league teams pages. By knowing what to assess, a social media agency is able to better optimize who sees your Facebook ads.

The biggest secret a social media agency has hidden up their sleeve is this: users want content. There are a million sales pages up on Facebook, and each of them is trying to elbow the other one out of the way. When you browse Facebook yourself, what are you looking at? Funny videos, your friend’s lunch, or your cousin’s web seminar.

Content is what people come to Facebook for, and it’s what succeeds the most in social media advertising. By churning out sales posts, you’re doing nothing but making your clients sick of seeing you – but by adding content that engages them and makes them interested in your business, you get their lasting attention.

Of course, these are only a few of the secrets that a social media agency uses to ensure your success with social media marketing. We wouldn’t give you all our tips at once, would we? Social media advertising can be overwhelming, and when you have a business to run you definitely have bigger things to worry about. Why not turn it over to the professionals?

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