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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Use Pinterest!

Are you an entrepreneur who promotes products and services on Pinterest? Are you tracking how your pins are doing on this platform?

There are many ways in which Pinterest Analytics can be beneficial for entrepreneurs like you:

  • The ability to track which boards and pins are gathering the highest level of traffic
  • A way to determine which pins are being saved more often and which ones are not
  • The ability to view details about the website’s audience

Pinterest Analytics gives you access to data from the beginning of your business account. It provides you the top trending topics, boards and pins, within a given period of time. It even includes the top 50 pins that have had the highest impressions, the highest level of repins, and the most number of clicks for this particular platform. With these statistics, you can then create or adjust pins, so that your pin can be seen by more people.

Pinterest also gives you information about your current followers’ age, gender, interests, location and businesses they engage with. This data can assist you in finding new ways to market your business.

In addition, you should also add the Pin It button on your website. This way, your potential customers can easily pin photos on their personal account. By installing the Pin It button, you’ll also be able to distinguish whether it has made any significant difference in website traffic.

It’s important to utilize Pinterest Analytics because it helps you design new methods for reaching niche markets. It gives you useful insights that can develop your social media marketing. Note that personal Pinterest accounts don’t provide analytics. Be sure to convert your profile to a business account.

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