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I hate to wait! Being early is not in my nature. I admit it. I am often late because I don’t allow myself enough travel time. I offer no excuse, but if you want the truth, my lateness is usually one part irresponsible and selfish behavior, plus one part not wanting to get somewhere early just to end up having to wait for someone else. Waiting for things to get better is not in my nature either. So after years of hearing bleak outlooks, I am not waiting anymore.

I learned a long time ago, when you are doing something about a problem, the problem gets smaller right away.  America has been bleeding hope as well as money for far too long. People are tired of being assaulted with bad economic news, strangling regulations and policy decisions that would seem unconscionable under good circumstances, much less bad ones. People are also tired of waiting for things to change. And waiting for the people in Congress to change isn’t going to work either. Has it ever?

We have to change the things that are not going right and we can’t wait for everything to get better first. No one else is going to create jobs here in Nevada, improve the local economy or fix our retirement plan.  No one else is better able to make our choices for us and our families. Only you and I can move this ship.  Everybody else is busy, complaining, blaming or campaigning. But you and I can work together to do it.  All we have to do is have a goal, work on it a little everyday and have a positive expectancy that we will get to a better place.  And if we do it together, we will get their faster.

So let’s talk. You and I are also assaulted with all the things we have to do to be successful now in this new world of social media and technology. Be honest, would you be on Face Book, Linked in or Twitter if you didn’t feel real pressure to do so for business reasons?

Or would you rather be having a drink with friends, playing with your kids and grand-kids or your pets. Maybe you would rather be talking about sports face to face instead of tweeting sports scores. . But it is a new day and you know that for your business to thrive, you better be “out there” building your brand.

So on top of everything else you do, you YouTube, you blog, or you do a radio show. You are embracing this new media technology because you know you have to. And you are professional enough to want to do it well. You pour a lot of yourself into your blog, your radio show or your video. That is great. Congratulations. You are getting there. Your “content” is on YouTube. You blog is posted, your radio show is floating out there… in the air….somewhere.

Now you have to promote your work. (And you still have to actually do your job too). So you tweet about your content, you Face Book it and now all you have to do is… wait. Problem is you are doing it all by yourself. And so is everyone else who has also realized how important it is to build their brand. Everyone else is saying, “listen to me”, “read my blog” or “like my video”.  Waiting for your hard work, to get found is worse than waiting for Congress to get better.

So after all our hard work, how do you get your YouTube video viewed? How do you promote your best blog? How do you build an audience for your internet radio show? You do it here. Now there is Success City Online. Here we help you get found. We believe that as a team, professionals like you and me can work together. We love this country and embody the spirit of the entrepreneurs who Make America Work, like she is supposed to. Like the founders designed her to. Like she can work again.   Together we can do something about it.

When we began, we knew to create a “Success City”, we had to include the topics that make a city a success. What are people looking for and what do we all share when we live together in a city? What makes us happy, fulfills our needs and keeps us safe? We knew our contributors would be creating content that teaches, informs and helps people. So that is why we present them by topic, not business. And what about businesses?  Well, soon you will find them here too.  You may know a book keeper but you may not know she has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for personal growth. Perhaps your insurance agent sells you a policy, and is a terrific sports blogger too.  They produce the content you want, we help them get found. We as a country, one city at a time are successful again.

So why politics? Because business owners know that all business is political and all politics is local. We are not afraid to embrace this because it is real. We provide a place for our contributors to share what is going on and why it is important to you. We also bring you Nevada Candidates, a place to learn who is running for office.

So, who lives in Success City online?  Those who pay the price of admission: a love for this country and a desire to help her regain her strength. By being a team player, we share our content and share the other contributors content too.  We aren’t waiting for things to get better or for our work to be found. We are doing something about it. We are like the pioneers of this great country who once looked out and saw a vast land and saw unlimited potential. We behold again a bright world of opportunity and see the future because we are going to create it. We are not waiting for someone else. We are the new media, your local media. We are the new pioneers. Are you coming? What are you waiting for?


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