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Digital Marketers: How to Remain Relevant and Valuable at Your Workplace

Staying relevant and valuable in your workplace has never been more important than now. A flooded market means you must stand out amongst the competition. Regardless if you’re an established or fledgling digital marketer, keeping up with new developments in your field is crucial. While many may take the time in quarantine to let their internal workhorse relax.

The extra home office time is an incredible one to further your digital marketing knowledge. When normal work patterns return you’ll want to be the one everyone in the office turns to for information. Remaining informed with current digital marketing automatically makes you more valuable at your workplace. We’ve put together a few tips on how you can stay relevant!

Research Your Competitors’ Digital Marketing Efforts

A little bit of online corporate espionage never hurt anyone. Take the time to peek at what your workplace’s competitors are doing online. Have they launched a new digital marketing campaign? Is their social media particularly active? Many companies will take the time in quarantine to test out new online initiatives. Capitalizing on the large number of people currently filling their free time with the internet can mean several different things.

For example, restaurants may offer new curbside pickup to account for the restrictions put in place. If you’re advertising for a restaurant and know your closest competitor is advertising pickup on Facebook or Instagram, you can advertise that your restaurant now offers curbside pickup and delivery. Know what your competition is doing for their digital marketing so you can come out swinging with your own brand.

Study Up on How to Use New Technology

A good digital marketer knows what’s hot in terms of technology. The constantly evolving online world means you should understand how to use the latest and greatest in tech. Artificial intelligence, live streaming, and interactive content are all up-and-coming tools of digital marketing.

If you work in the online field, use this time to study up on how these tools can work with your business. It’s an excellent time to learn about how they operate, what their target demographics are, and how to use them to your advantage. You’ll find that knowing modern technology will put you ahead of the competition.

Stay Connected with an Increased Social Presence

You have the opportunity to expand your social network, now more than ever. With so many potential customers and connections depending on social media for entertainment, your business can stand out. Being a successful digital marketer means being unafraid to make connections.

Don’t be scared to reach out and talk to people! Simply posting an advertisement isn’t enough in today’s online world. Studies have shown interacting online increases trust with your brand. Take to the digital skies and comment, like, and engage with new connections. By expanding your digital marketing horizons through social connections, you will stay valuable at your workplace. For more digital marketing tips, view Success City Online’s other relatable blogs.

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