Congressman Joe Heck and Job Fair

Heck Cortez
By Phil Anderson
I attended a job fair today. Having attended at least 20 of these events in the last 2 years I, luckily, went as an observer this time not as a candidate for a position. It was hosted by Joe Heck, Congressman CD 3 Nevada, and as job fairs go it was pretty average.
You had the usual attendees, large companies looking for a diamond they could pick up for pennies on the dollar, the medium size companies looking for a diamond in the rough and small companies looking for the right person to mold into a diamond.

Of course the schools were there, some non-profits, police, city and federal agencies. Then you had the potential candidates, some were looking to move up from their present position, some just looking, some who didn’t have a clue of what they were doing, some looking for a golden ring and some looking for a job with a realistic outlook and expectation.
All in all pretty average.
What was not average was Joe Heck. He was there, thanking the companies for attending, greeting the candidates, all the things a politician does…except this was different. I have been around a long time. I have met, known and worked on behalf of several politicians. In dealing with politicians I have been terribly disappointed by some a delightfully surprised by others. Joe heck has been neither; he has always been just Joe Heck.
As a politician I agree with how the Congressman votes about 70+ percent of the time (Yep…Joe isn’t perfect). But here is the point; I always know where Congressman Heck stands. And here is the key to the point, as I watched him work the crowd I saw the classic Joe Heck. He talks “to” people instead of “at” people. He “hears” what people are saying but he “listens” as well. You can’t ask for more than that from a politician or from anyone else for that matter.
As for the job fair…I dropped 1 or 2 or 10 resumes off…we will see if anyone of these companies knows how to mine diamonds.

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