6 Secrets to a Great Blog

What is a Blog? A blog can be quite difficult to define due to the many misconceptions around the idea of blogging. But to keep it simple, a blog is a website that functions like an online journal where each entry is posted in chronological order, with the newest entry appearing at the top and … Read more

Elderly are Using Social Media More Than in the Past

Like… Follow… Share… Add friend – these are just some of the trending buttons that have been clicked in the new millennium whether you’re a youngster or with an advance age already. The social media might be used often by the young people when it was introduced, but the elderly are now using it for their own … Read more

7 Facebook Myths – Is it Doomed?

We discussed this topic on a recent Success City Radio Show, so I decided to share  the show notes.  So much is written and talked about regarding the largest social media platform in history, that we thought it would be fun to discuss some of the popular myths out there about Facebook. Myth 1) Facebook is for … Read more

Things To Know About Newsletters

What are newsletters? Newsletters are a type of printed publication that contains ideas and information regarding a primary topic of interest distributed to a group of concerned individuals on a regular basis. They are generated by churches, schools, clubs, associations, and business organizations to deliver relative data and information. The cost of production, content, and … Read more

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