How to Use Twitter Ads for Your Business

Why use Twitter ads? Simple. If your target audience is on Twitter, then it is best to use the ads. It provides you more cover on the social media platform — making you more visible to the potential leads you want to have. Of course, that is the short version of it. How to Use … Read more

Why You Need to Use Instagram for Your Business

Having difficulty on social media marketing? Do you feel that it is not the right advertising avenue for you? Did you try using Instagram? Since you are here, the answer to that will be a probably no. With a significant feat of gaining 300 million users within four years, Facebook needed five years to have … Read more

Top 5 Tips for Using Periscope

Periscope is a live streaming video app that allows users to share live events and deliver information in real time. It’s a great opportunity for brands/companies to engage and have a live chat with their followers and anyone in the world. Read “Periscope 101” Are you ready to get started on one of the top … Read more

10 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Strategy

If you are a business owner and you’re looking for simple ways to improve your Twitter strategy, here are ten easy-to-apply Twitter tips that you can use. 1. Optimize Your Brand’s Twitter Profile Use your brand logo as the user photo. Do not use your personal photo or stock images. Use your brand name as … Read more

Periscope 101

What is Periscope? Periscope is a new kind of platform that can be regarded as a live TV station. It is a live streaming video mobile app, that allows Periscopers to have live discussions and feedback from their viewers. Have you ever used Skype? Well, the same idea goes for Periscope except for the fact … Read more

10 Ways to Make Your Pinterest Profile Stand Out

Would you like to expand your reach and grow your audience on Pinterest?  If you are, here are 10 great ways to make your Pinterest profile stand out: 1. Build and Establish Relationships With People of Influence Social media platforms have influential account holders from different industries, and it will be beneficial if you were … Read more

5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Posts

Are you marketing your products and services on Facebook? Are you not getting enough interactions from your fans? If you answered “YES” to both questions, you’re probably not producing enough relevant and compelling content. We have the 5 ways to improve your Facebook posts. In order to get any type of engagement from your fans, … Read more

The Power of #Hashtags

Do you ever wonder why people are including #hashtags on their social media postings? #this #that #companyname #instadaily #mom #RTW #etc. Well, let us tell you why. The power of the hashtag is real, and it has become one of the most powerful tools around for small and big business owners. It represents an important … Read more

Top 4 Hints to Make Social Media Safe for the Elderly

Social Media has become a big part of our lives both personally and professionally. At first it was just young people who were glued to their smart phones, but now the largest growing group new to social media is the elderly. They have found they can stay in almost instantaneous contact with family and friends. … Read more

6 Secrets to a Great Blog

What is a Blog? A blog can be quite difficult to define due to the many misconceptions around the idea of blogging. But to keep it simple, a blog is a website that functions like an online journal where each entry is posted in chronological order, with the newest entry appearing at the top and … Read more