Marketing Hacks that Business Owners Can Use to Save Time

Polishing up your stale website and cleaning up your brand will position your business to prosper above the competition who does not. Learn all about the top marketing hacks business owners finally have time to complete:  Branding If you want your business to stand out online, you’ll need to have an established brand. This manifests … Read more

SEO vs. SCO: What’s the Difference?

These days, everyone from digital influencers to major corporations has heard of search engine optimization or SEO. Have you, however, heard of SCO? SCO is the latest evolution of internet marketing, and it’s becoming every bit as essential as SEO. Let’s check out the similarities and differences between the two, why SCO matters, and how … Read more

Pay Per Click for Beginners

Pay per click (PPC) advertising occupies a critical cornerstone of search engine marketing (SEM). Like search engine results themselves, this advertising channel serves up ads based on the context of search engine queries. You may have noticed them around your own search engine results, appearing in a yellow or green font above the unpaid, “organic” … Read more

Search Engines. A Powerful Business Tool!

Tools to Help Drive Business to Your Page  We live in an age where a small business can now compete with large businesses. Because of the Internet, small businesses do not need to have the multi-million dollar advertising budget to build their brand and gain new customers. With the tools available on the Internet, small … Read more

Here is a Quick Way to Get Found Online

If you look to the left your memory might be jarred and you will recall those big heavy eyesores that we all used to rely on, the telephone directory. Countless piles of them are now in landfills and a few are holding back-doors open. I still get them delivered to my doorstep, albeit they are … Read more

“Must Know” Basics to Getting Found Online

You’re probably not getting found online easily or you’re just starting to kick off your website? Do you know that there more than 200 million people who use the internet just in the U.S alone? Letting your brick-and-mortar store just simply stand in its place will not invite more customers in. You must find ways … Read more

Google’s Hummingbird Update…See I Told You So!

Google’s Hummingbird Changes and Blogs…..See I Told You So! Our customers know I have been on the blog bandwagon for some time now. I remember when I was hiring a “web guy” to build our website for the Success City Radio Show, (unbeknownst to us at the time, this was the beginning of Success City … Read more