Casino Family to the Governor’s Mansionb

Son of a gambling man

The Success City Radio Show welcomes Nevada’s Governor Bob Miller. Bob Miller served ten years as Governor from 1989 to 1999 and is the longest serving Governor in Nevada’s history.

Governor Miller has put his life’s experiences in a book titled “Son of a Gambling Man my Journey to the Governor’s Mansion from a Casino Family”. The book starts with the Governor as a young boy in Chicago whose father owns a bar/strip joint/illegal book joint. The family relocates to Las Vegas and his father quickly climbs the corporate ladder in the “legal” casino industry.

As Governor Miller enters college then law enforcement and ultimately the Governor’s mansion he is constantly confronting the family past. The book has colorful characters like Sheriff Ralph Lamb, Tony the Ant Spilotro, Jimmy Hoffa, Oscar Goodman, Steve Wynn and more.

The book also chronicles the growth of Las Vegas from a dusty crossroad in the desert to the Entertainment Capital of the World. No story can be told about early Las Vegas without including the Mob.

Click below and listen to the Governor’s own words on the Success City Radio Show.



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