Can You Talk Your Blog? Using Dragon Naturally Speaking for the First Time

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Blogging for business is a passion of mine. I encourage business owners to do it and to do it frequently. The problem is, I am possibly the world’s worst typist. I was better before I took typing class in high school. After the trauma of that class, I lost the courage to take my eyes off of my keyboard ever since. In my generation, typing was an elective in high school and considered an easy course, so I took it in my senior year. The exercises were dull, the teacher was mean and I did not give the class much credence. For younger generations typing and texting (for that matter) seems to be a natural function. I assume that means younger people are acclimated to the skills earlier and more successfully than I was. My professional life went in such a way that typing skills were unnecessary. (Thank goodness) I had a staff.

Now as an entrepreneur and in the digital world, my underdeveloped typing skills have become a major problem.

I spend more time correcting mistakes than typing in the first place. This makes blogging very painful.  For many years, I have heard of voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. I’ve had little experience with such software until now. I admit I’m a natural skeptic however this program actually seems to work. I have been speaking this blog instead of writing it for the last few minutes. Yeah, yeah. I know. I probably could type it (and even correct it) faster than a “few minutes.” It’s only a few hundred words. (Did I mention, WORLDS WORST TYPIST?) But the point is, I am thinking about what I am writing and not having to think too much about fixing my mistakes.

The importance of blogging to search engine optimization is a topic I speak about frequently. With changes occurring from the Google Hummingbird update it is more important than ever. Most business owners I know will take any help they can get including shortcuts here and there. If you are like me and typing challenged, Dragon Naturally Speaking might be a shortcut for you. It is worth noting, it takes a little while to learn how to use it. There are a few options for setting it up and you can take steps to personalize it. It seems the more you use it, the better it works.  I am writing this pretty much out of the box, so for me I have to say, so far so good. I bought it on Amazon for $49.00. My verdict?  You bet! You can talk your blog!


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