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Best Website Designs for Small Businesses

The best kind of website design is the one that represents your business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be modern and sleek! No matter what kind of trade your business is in, having a functional and attractive website is crucial.

People are doing more business than ever online, which is both good and bad. The good is due to a broader range of customers likely to find you, but the wrong part of this dichotomy is that you have to work harder to prevent those customers from stumbling onto your competition first. Stand out from the crowd with the best website design, using this guide!

Website design, like any form of creation, is continually evolving. What was trendy even two or three years ago now looks dated. However, even as designs change, consumers expect certain elements.

You need to have these critical elements on your website format viewed for 2021, including responsive design, bold visuals, plenty of negative space, and simple navigation. A qualified web designer, such as the Success City Online team, can deliver all of these. Even if you have an existing website, updating it to include these will significantly differentiate how consumers view you.

Getting Creative with Website Design

Once you have the basics set up on your website design, you can work on standing out from the crowd. What makes a site unique isn’t a definable metric. Instead, it’s representing yourself in a more relatable and enjoyable way than your competitors. Our website design team recommends getting creative.

Are you a retro bicycle company? Toss in some vividly colored imagery of your bikes and integrate 60s-inspired fonts for your main page. Maybe your small business is centered around dog bandanas? Incorporate the patterns from this season’s collection as your site’s background, with plenty of bright whites to draw attention to it. Bright colors, unique fonts, the use of 3D elements, and even dark mode are all design choices you have the power to wield.

Keep Information Present, but Not Overwhelming

If a consumer is on your website, they’re interested in learning about your business. Even if you have the best website design on the planet, if you fail to give them the information they want, that consumer will leave without doing any business with you. Having information readily available on your website is a vital part of the overall design.

Does your home page provide adequate navigation? If not, you need to work on your navigation menu. Does the customer have to hunt around for details about your product or service? Chances are if they have to spend more than about 30 seconds on your website without finding the info they want, they’re going to leave.

You need to balance your text information with your website design functionality. Don’t worry; the experts at Success City Online are more than happy to help!

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