Top 7 Tips to Overcome Failure

Everyone remembers the smash-hit Pixar film Toy Story. You know, the story of a plucky tin soldier and his battles against a mean-spirited ventriloquist dummy? Oh, that isn’t the Toy Story you are familiar with? There is a good reason for that: Pixar scrapped their original idea midway through development. In fact, all three Toy … Read more

4 Powerful Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

Anyone who has been in the presence of successful entrepreneurs knows that they tend to carry themselves differently than most other human beings. This change in nature results from the habits they develop to maintain all the responsibilities they juggle. Without these habits, important tasks could fall by the wayside, and the power, prestige, and … Read more

And The Award Goes To….

And the award for having excellent customer service goes to Success City Online. That was the announcement ringing out over a crowd of 450 attendees at the City of Henderson’s 16th Annual Economic Development & Small Business Awards. The event was held in the beautiful Grand Ballroom at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada. The … Read more

Drop Everything Customer Service

Customer Service from internet marketing companies can be slow, expensive and haphazard. At Success City Online, customer service is our number one priority. We can guarantee that our clients will receive the best service possible. No other web design and social media company will promote their customers like we do. Just watch the video we … Read more

6 Secrets to a Great Blog

What is a Blog? A blog can be quite difficult to define due to the many misconceptions around the idea of blogging. But to keep it simple, a blog is a website that functions like an online journal where each entry is posted in chronological order, with the newest entry appearing at the top and … Read more

Google’s Hummingbird Update…See I Told You So!

Google’s Hummingbird Changes and Blogs…..See I Told You So! Our customers know I have been on the blog bandwagon for some time now. I remember when I was hiring a “web guy” to build our website for the Success City Radio Show, (unbeknownst to us at the time, this was the beginning of Success City … Read more

Once Upon a Time…a Business Web Nightmare

Once Upon a Time is an ABC show, a guilty pleasure really, that I readily admit I enjoy. It just makes me smile. I like fairy tales and I find its unique approach to telling the story of Snow White, Cinderella, the Evil Queen and Prince Charming fun and a great escape. I have wanted to … Read more

Good Parenting Injures Bloggers

As a child, where you allowed to cry unrestrained in public while your parents ignored the comfort of others around you? If so, chances are, your blog is benefitting from it. My parents would have at the very least taken me out of the room until I behaved myself. Many bloggers suffer from the teaching … Read more