Social Media for Businesses: How to Streamline Processes

The more people join social media the more complicated it becomes. Advertising a business on any social media platform seems to become increasingly difficult each year. Competition is fierce; before the advent of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you would take out an ad in your local paper and post flyers. You may get a few … Read more

2020 Social Media Trends to Watch Out For

As we swing toward another new year, we must take a moment to reflect on what’s changed in the social media world. 2019’s social media was the ultimate rise of live streaming for businesses, a sharp decline in youth’s use of Facebook, and TikTok’s birth. What does the 2020 social media landscape look like? While … Read more

Social Media for a Business: Dos and Don’ts

We get it – having a clear voice in the craziness which is social media can be hard! If you’re left wondering why your social media marketing campaign just isn’t getting the return on investment you want, you may be ignoring the dos and don’ts of social media for business. To have a successful business … Read more

Social Media Platforms: How to Choose the Right One for Your Business

Social media platforms are not a one-size-fits-all concept; choosing the right one for your business is key to your marketing campaigns. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all target different groups with different interests using different methods. Knowing who you want to see your ads is the first step in choosing what kind of advertising you want … Read more

Social Media Services: How to Get Noticed Online

Imagine you’re standing in the middle of Times Square. You have a small sign proclaiming the name of your business, you know your business would be useful to all the people surrounding you, but no one seems to notice you. This is almost what it’s like trying to get noticed online without using the proper … Read more

6 Quick Social Media Fixes to Boost Your Engagement

Your social media campaign has one ultimate goal: to engage with the public. Whether you’re shooting for shares, likes, or comments, you want to engage with potential customers. Social media engagement is one area where many businesses have trouble. With the sounding board that is social media, where so many people are shouting their opinions … Read more

Understanding the Latest Instagram Algorithm Update

Instagram can be one of the best ways to reach your target audience. In social media campaigns, visibility is everything and Instagram offers a purely visual interface. With pictures and videos featuring short captions being the only way to present yourself, you have the opportunity to create organic visibility at a low cost. Of course, … Read more

7 Tips to Dominate Social Media for the Rest of 2018

Just like your diet once Thanksgiving rears its head, your marketing strategy fades away when the end of a year comes near. It’s easy to get swept up in the process of closing out existing strategies and prepping for what’ll come in 2019, but that’s no reason to let your social media presence slip. Creating … Read more