Improve Your Facebook Marketing With These Easy Tips

What was life like before Facebook? We’re coming into a generation that can’t answer that question. The digital footprint Facebook takes up is enormous: more people use Facebook than any other social media tool. Your company has the opportunity to reach millions of consumers with the click of a button. If it’s so easy to … Read more

What You Should Know: Instagram New Algorithm

Social media is constantly changing. Platforms put forth algorithm updates every few months that aim to increase overall user engagements. Still, these updates can sometimes hurt those of us using social media to market goods or services. Algorithms aim to provide the best possible experience to end-users. Someone scrolling through Instagram wants to see their … Read more

Instagram Stories for Business Owners: Do’s and Don’ts

Instagram is one of the most potent tools available for targeted marketing. The visual social media platform has evolved from its days of being a glimpse into an individual’s camera roll. Nowadays, your Instagram profile can portray everything from company culture to product galleries. Built-in integrations allow for paid advertising, direct sales, and extensive sharing. … Read more

Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic brought people indoors and in front of screens for unprecedented amounts of time. They fill that time by browsing social media and among other things! More people are searching for new brands and products through social media than ever before. You have an incredible opportunity to reach new clientele through your existing … Read more

New Social Media Features Every Business Owner Needs to Use in 2021

More people than ever before turned to social media in 2020. The year of staying-at-home brought an influx of changes to the social media landscape. Traditional business practices, such as signage or in-store promotions, were suddenly no longer effective as consumers never went inside a brick and mortar store. Online retailers who stayed on top … Read more

Social Media Agency Share Trends That are Taking Over 2020

Social media has evolved far past the days of sharing your turkey sandwich and waiting to see if your friends like it. A marketing tool for small and large businesses alike and been so integrated into a company’s success that it’s nearly impossible to manage without a social media marketing agency working with you on … Read more

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