7 Essential Skills Your Social Media Manager Needs to Have

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Being a social media manager is almost like being a juggler: you need to be able to balance sales, marketing, and content all at once. It’s a job that didn’t even exist ten years ago, and now most companies find that they can’t succeed without an adept social media manager. When your company needs to kick up social media-driven interaction a notch, you would turn to the best social media manager you can find. The question is: how do you know what makes them the best? Well, there are 7 essential skills that your social media manager needs to have!

  1. Organization

Arguably a key point in nearly every job, organizational skills are extra important for a social media manager. Without organization, your manager won’t know what needs to be posted when, what needs to be responded to, and what direction they’re taking your company in with their social media marketing.

  1. Adaptability

The Internet is a finicky thing. One day a social media platform may be completely engrossed with a new cat video, the next they’re focused on a commercial that aired that morning. A qualified social media manager can assess what’s hot and what’s not, and adapt your content to fit in. Not only that, social media sites themselves are constantly changing their “rules” and your manager needs to keep up so your content is always getting the best possible engagement.

  1. Community Engagement

Connecting with clients and consumers online is the entire point of social media marketing, but many inexperienced social media managers fail to engage correctly with the community. There’s an art in knowing when to respond, what to say, and who to reach – and it’s an art that only experienced social media managers know.

  1. Copywriting

Funny memes only go so far. You may get someone to chuckle at your post, but unless there’s a good draw, that chuckle is all you’re going to get. A good social media manager will be able to write engaging SEO post that will get clicks, likes, and comments that make your brand more visible to qualified customers.

  1. Analytics

Sure, there are plenty of products out there that will tell you which tweets are performing best and what post has gotten the most likes. Unfortunately, without someone there who knows how to analyze and interpret this data, you’ll still be shooting in the dark. Knowing how to use built-in analytics is an essential skill for any social media marketing campaign.

  1. Research

Who knew that mobile social media use would surpass desktop use in 2017? Good social media managers did, that’s who. A qualified manager will be aware of the trends and movements that are going on, not only with posts but also with usage, software, and news.  Researching the competition as well as the platforms themselves is a technique that takes time, but is essential to the success of your social media marketing.

  1. Creativity

This should be a given, but unfortunately not all social media managers have it. The goal of social media marketing is to drive business, but stale posts that repeat ‘buy my product’ aren’t ever going to work. A social media manager that will benefit your company will be one that can work creatively, and can make fresh posts that draw in both new and repeat business.


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