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6 Secrets to a Great Blog

What is a Blog?

A blog can be quite difficult to define due to the many misconceptions around the idea of blogging. But to keep it simple, a blog is a website that functions like an online journal where each entry is posted in chronological order, with the newest entry appearing at the top and the older ones appearing subsequently at the bottom.

Using text, images, videos, and links, a blogger can share his thoughts, ideas, and opinions on a particular topic that might be of interest to anyone. People who visit the blog can also post his thoughts on the topic at hand in the comments section.

Who Uses Them?

A blog can be used by just about anybody who has a computer and an internet connection. Even you can use a blog! A blog is easy to create since there’s a plethora of websites that offer free blogging platforms.

Your blog can be a personal journal where you can write about personal stuff. It can also focus on a particular niche or a hobby. Corporations also make use of blogs to promote their products and services as well as share information that might be of value to potential and existing customers.

Why are Blogs Important to a Website?

A blog can be useful to a website in a lot of ways. Firstly, a blog can provide some relevant information about a particular website. Once a blog is posted, search engines can help drive traffic to the site. Visitors can be directed to a specific blog on account of the keywords used in a search engine.

Blog entries also make it possible for a blogger to establish a line of communication with customers and prospects. Visitors to a specific blog are likely to be interested in what the blogger has to say in the blog entry since the visitors have “searched” for it via a search engine in the first place. And a blog gives a corporation another opportunity to provide better customer service since it’s a good avenue for helping customers in regards to their products and services.

How Long Should a Blog Be?

A blog entry can have as many words as the blogger prefers, but the most recommended word count in an entry is between 300 to 500 words. Most blog visitors like to skim over lengthy content, an entry with more than 500 words is not recommended. For a blog to hold a visitor’s attention, the entry should only focus on the important details. Too much fluff might make the visitor lose interest in the entry.

What are Keywords and Why Are They Important?

When people want to find something in particular on the internet, most of them use a search engine like Google. By typing a set of keywords, the internet user can get a list of websites that are relevant to those keywords.

That is why keywords are important when it comes to driving traffic to your site. And what better way to use keywords than in a blog entry? The idea of using keywords to direct people to your blog or website is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There’s always competition among websites that share similar niches as far as keywords are concerned.

A link to your blog site is a good way to haul in visitors, especially if the site that provided that link is popular. The more links to your blog, the better that blog’s search engine ranking will be. The legitimacy of the links also counts since search engines have the capacity to filter out bogus links.

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