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6 Quick Social Media Fixes to Boost Your Engagement

Your social media campaign has one ultimate goal: to engage with the public. Whether you’re shooting for shares, likes, or comments, you want to engage with potential customers. Social media engagement is one area where many businesses have trouble.

With the sounding board that is social media, where so many people are shouting their opinions into the world, how are you going to be heard? Entire companies are centered around social media engagement and how to earn it, and our social media team is here to help you with our top fixes to boost your business’ engagement.

1. Introduce Video

Video engagement is up an astonishing amount from previous years. Visitors to your page are looking to hear your voice, and we do mean literally. Having a live video or video ads regularly on your social media is one of the top ways to increase your engagement. People connect with seeing how your business runs from the inside, and automatically feel closer to your business through video rather than a text post.

2. Throw a Promotion

Giving a deal to a potential customer as a trade for likes and comments might seem below the belt, but it isn’t. Every person wants to get a little extra at no cost, and promotions are one of the best ways to encourage natural engagement.

Something as simple as ‘share this post for 10% off!’ could increase engagement exponentially. A single comment from one follower could show that post to all of their friends through Facebook’s algorithm, increasing your visibility to new customers.

3. Interact More

Customers want to know you. They want to hear your voice, see your faces, and understand how you work before they trust you with their money. Today’s social media world is incredibly competitive, and one way to boost your engagement and get ahead of the competition is to simply interact with customers more. Get a really great comment on a post? Thank them for it! Say hi and people will want to come back to you more often.

4. Have Some Humor

Viral tweets often go viral simply because people find them hilarious. You don’t need to make every post a sales post; sometimes it’s better to just let your personality shine through. Think of the MoonPie Twitter account.

With a small bit of humor thrown into each tweet, they’ve managed to grow an outstanding following without explicitly saying ‘you should buy a MoonPie’. People like to connect with other people, and one of the best ways to break the ice is to be a little funny about what you do.

5. Focus on Timing

Timing is everything, both in telling a joke and making a social media post. Using the metrics available to businesses on most social media sites can tell you when is the best time for you to make a post. Certain businesses find that their clients are online early in the morning, which means that’s the best time for them to post. You can schedule posts in advance to connect with the most customers, boosting your engagement naturally.

6. Hire an Expert

While there are a litany of things you can do on your own to boost engagement, it might still fall short to bringing someone on who specializes in it. Social media is a tricky beast, and learning the preferences of your customers takes a lot of time. It might be a good idea for you to kick off a new campaign with some assistance by bringing in a social media team who can assess every aspect of the job.

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