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5 Top Website Trends Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Online design is constantly progressing, and entrepreneurs rarely have time to research website design trends. Part of this advancement has to do with improved technology. Other times it is simply a more honest reflection of what users expect to see in a site.

In the light of both evolutionary forces, here are the emerging five website trends every entrepreneur needs to know:

1. Mobile-First Design

More people use the internet on their mobile devices than they do on their desktop these days, which means that all sites must account for the unique needs of a smartphone’s smaller screen.

This is not to say that serious work does not get done on desktop — especially since people tend to buy big-ticket items and services through desktop — but rather that more people will be introduced to your website and your brand via mobile than any other platform.

As a result, your website design should be efficient and able to accommodate the compact real estate of a smartphone. The easier it is for someone to navigate by scrolling or through simple gestures, the more likely someone is to stay on your site instead of abandoning it.

2. Card-Based Responsive Design

When designing a site with mobile-first in mind, you can still ensure that tablet and desktop users get a good experience by coding the site with responsive design. This type of structure “responds” to the resolution of the screen, adapting a page layout to look prettier and be more easy-to-navigate based on the device used.

Among responsive design options, card-type designs have exploded in popularity. This approach puts content into rectangular cards that can be rearranged not just by screen size but also by the past site activities of the user. Check out Food Sense on both your desktop and your mobile to get an idea of how this works.

3. Bold Originality

First impressions matter, especially to mobile users. Because of this effect, stock photos and bland layouts simply won’t cut it anymore.

Instead, users expect to be overwhelmed by immersive splash images, unique typefaces and flashy colors. Experiment with design possibilities to push the boundaries of what you think is possible.

4. Intriguing Interactivity

One way that websites push originality is through subtle animated touches and interactivity. HTML5 and the latest CSS features allow these animations to be embedded seamlessly within your principal site elements.

Common examples include text that glows or icons that animate when the user hovers over them. You can also code in engaging animations as the user scrolls, such as this enchanting journey up the Seattle Space Needle.

5. Rapid Prototyping, Revisions

You should spend a long time carefully developing your site, but that does not mean you should be stuck on the first phase of design for weeks. Modern tools like UXpin let you test out site layouts in just seconds in order to cycle through possibilities more quickly.

This capability allows you to be more creative and ambitious in your designs. It can also mean that your site can be updated rapidly with regular improvements rather than through painfully clunky relaunches and feature rollouts.

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