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5 Things You Should Know About Keyword Research

People Google things so frequently that Google has become a verb instead of just the name of a website. Search engine organic traffic is an incredible way to gain new customers and an even better way to stay relevant in the eyes of existing ones.

You need to understand what makes search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo choose your website’s listing instead of your competitor’s to create a streamlined digital marketing approach. Contrary to popular belief, keyword optimization is more than searching for keywords you think Google would like.

Proper SEO (search engine optimization) includes research, testing, and organic writing. Don’t worry if that seems like a lot! Our website experts have put together their top five things you should know about keyword search to help you out.

1. What Purpose Keyword Research Serves

Why bother optimizing your web content for search engine traffic? When there’s so much time and money put into writing optimized keyword content, what makes it worth it? Think about how many like-minded businesses there are in your industry alone.

As an example, let’s say your business is an Italian restaurant. If someone were to Google’ Italian restaurant’, yours could show up! Unfortunately, so could every other Italian restaurant in the world.

Google helps out the searcher by taking other data, such as their location, and tailoring the ‘Italian restaurant’ results for options near the searcher’s physical location. Then Google presents the searcher with a list of Italian restaurants near them.

If you want to appear high up on that list, you need to have more appropriate keywords than your competitors. Without website content filled with good keywords for the search engine to pick up, you won’t show up in the results.

2. Correct Research Will Make or Break Your Search Traffic

The second thing anybody looking to earn new business through search traffic needs to know is that the proper research will make or break your success. Search engines pick up on keywords throughout your site and use those keywords to determine your ranking when someone searches for relevant content.

You won’t show up in the results if you don’t have the right keywords on your website. Thoroughly researching what keywords are related to your business, what your competitors are doing, and what your target client is searching for will help you get a higher ROI.

keywords search

3. Organic Placement Overpowers Keyword Stuffing

Not only are the right keywords important, but the correct placement of those keywords is also essential. Search engines have evolved past the days where they’d go for the website with the most mentions of a specific keyword.

Back in the day, a site that sells shoes could say ‘shoes’ in every single sentence, and search engines would push them higher in the results. Nowadays, search engines care about what your content is. Organic content written by someone trained in search engine optimization is the best way to place keywords correctly on your website.

4. Keywords Are Ever-Changing

Unfortunately for budget-conscious business owners, keywords are not a set-and-forget type of marketing. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, customers are always looking for new things, and competitors pop up left and right.

To stay relevant in search engine rankings, you need to keep on top of your keywords. This means regularly checking to make sure you’re still getting a return on your paid ads, testing different keywords, and changing your content frequently to stay fresh.

5. Not Everyone Can Do Keyword Optimization Properly

SEO is not something learned overnight. Knowing what to look for in search engine rankings, analyzing successful and not-so-successful keywords, and writing organic content are all specialties of a professional digital marketer like those at Success City Online. Trying to handle your keyword marketing is likely to result in wasting both time and money. It’s better to spend the money upfront on hiring a professional company and seeing the return spread out over time than to try to save a buck and do it yourself.

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