5 Mind Blowing Tips For the Bloggers to Stay Ahead in 2013 and After

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Guest Post by Edwards Snow

5 Mind Blowing Tips For the Bloggers to Stay Ahead In 2013 And After

Which is the leading social media website?  –  Facebook with its one billion followers. Well, other popular sites like Google Plus, social networking site from the Google platform reaches 500 million users, Instagram has 100 million followers and Twitter is used by 5 million people.

Social media, the most preferred channel used by the bloggers to increase their links and the web traffic. Here, in this article we will learn about the current trends that help the bloggers to drive a large traffic to their websites and blogs.

Social Sharing

When a user shares a status update on the Facebook or a joke on the Google Plus, or maybe a picture of the campfire on Instagram or a tweet is shared with a link, we enjoy all of them just with a single click. Social sharing is a strong point for the bloggers as it gives impetus to their SEO marketing.

In this article, we will share the top 5 tips to make your blog stay at the top of other blogs in the blogosphere in 2013 and beyond.

Top 5 Tips for Bloggers

These tips are ideal for the marketers and bloggers who wants to take advantage of the social media and link it in order to direct more traffic to their blogs.

·         Content Creation

Important rules for the blogger owners to adopt, and that’s the creation of excellent content. The information shared on the blog posts should be interesting, accurate and well-researched. The blog traffic increases when you share entertaining and informative posts, as people will share your link in various social media platforms.

·         Do Find a Hook

It is able to lure your readers if you have an interesting hook and this will let the natural links to develop. Twitter the great social media site helps in preserving the creativity. Twitter is more appealing as 140 characters have a larger impact on the viewers than a long status update.

·         Sharpen The Online Relationships

This is the most important aspect to build trust between customers and the business owners. Having the online presence is must as it helps to generate the natural links. Do make sure that you have a space on your blog, which will give a platform to your readers for asking questions, posting comments and sharing. You might also use social media to attract readers and establish a fan base through Facebook or Twitter.

·         Returns are Essential

Paying forward just giving back to the community will help to build goodwill, fans and better links. If you are able to offer your customer  with free service, then you can surely build or grow the trust. Another way to improve the relationship is to team up with another organization and give returns.

·         Attend the Conferences

If you can participate in a panel or if it is possible for you to attend the conferences, then you are surely going to grow the ethos and visibility. If you have a conversation with the members then you can surely increase the trust and the visibility. Conferences are no doubt a great way to network with other professionals within the niche you deal.

Social media is the ultimate game changer in the world of marketing. Combine use of the popular social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. helps to empower the reader to increase the blog visibility and credibility.

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Edward Snow is a social media blogger and helps to build the social media presence for various companies. Presently he is helping the tech support call center of the USA to let them gain better customer visibility.


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