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4 Website Updates You Don’t Want to Miss This Fall 2020

Websites are ever-changing. Design, security, and content are all fluid aspects of your website, which vastly affect how your target demographic perceived your site. In the World Wide Web, having an updated website builds trust and commodity. Take a note from the seasons shifting into fall by shifting vital elements of your site around. These four website updates are ones your site can’t afford to miss this fall!

1. A Fresh, Updated Website Design

The design of your website is arguably the most significant part. Without good web design, your clients will immediately click away. If they leave because of unpleasant aesthetics, they’ll never see your content. Old design elements such as Flash Player plugins or navigation frames make it seem like you don’t put effort into your website.

Companies that don’t pay attention to their site lose trust with consumers, and probably won’t invest in their products. This fall, update your web design to a modern, appealing look. Designs can vary based on personal taste but grab some inspiration from our expert’s post on 2020 website design trends to get started.

Minimalist brands may find plenty of white space gives their site a breath of fresh air. High-tech companies could find a comfort zone in the addition of a polished glowing element. However, update your website design regularly to keep it consistent and up to date.

2. Refresh Old Content

Just because the content is old doesn’t mean it’s no longer applicable. Old blogs, in particular, still offer a wealth of potential web traffic; the keywords likely remain relevant to your brand’s needs. Updating them can bring old topics to life again without needing to do full rewrites.

If you have any blogs which have years in the title, adjust it to the current year! For example, a digital marketing company that wrote “2018 Facebook Advertising Tricks” can update the title to “2020 Facebook Advertising Tricks” furthermore change out a few elements, so the information is accurate. Drive traffic to your site from people seeking out social media advertising help without you needing to invest the time or money in making a new post. Refreshing old content isn’t limited to just blogs! Older web pages can have their content tweaked for better visibility this fall.

hand writing the word security

3. Review Off and On-Page SEO

Your website should be dripping with SEO (search engine optimization) content. Any opportunity to add organic SEO, both off and on-page, must be taken advantage of because content takes time. Don’t forget to include SEO Search engine optimization must be added in an intentional, thorough manner. Even the best-laid content can go awry as time ravages your website.

This fall, update your website SEO to rank even higher than before. Steps include checking all links to ensure they’re still working properly, adding alt text to photos, removing large files, and updating keywords to be relevant to your current marketing goals. If this sounds like a lot of work, don’t panic.

You can hire a professional web developer to handle all this for you. The important thing is to make sure your SEO is consistently maintained, be it by an in-house or external team. Simply taking the time to review and correct on and off-page SEO will help your website rank higher. 

4. Thoroughly Secure Your Website

Security is a huge pressure point in the world of web design right now. Take the time this fall to thoroughly secure your website. From a technical perspective, this could mean updating the code on your website. Old plugins, themes, and basic codes should be checked every year or so to make sure everything is working properly.

On the flip side, monitoring who has access to your site will help guarantee website security. If you have any past employees who had access to your website please have them removed. If there are any temporary accounts, clear those regularly. Only allow trusted people, such as your web design team or marketing team, to make any edits to your page.

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