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2022 Web Design Trends That Will Blow Your Competition Away

If there’s one thing that’s true about web design, it’s that trends move at lightning speed. Every year, there are new trends to watch out for and new best practices to adopt. 2022 is just around the corner, and this year is no different from any other. Check out some unique web trends for 2022 that are sure to change the way we interact with one another online.

What Fonts Are Up and Coming?

Fonts have always been a significant part of web design, and some have become wildly controversial (we’re looking at you, Comic Sans). In 2022, it seems like we’ll be seeing more web designers working with graphic designers to create new, custom fonts. The goal? To deliver unique and aesthetically pleasing experiences. 

Serif fonts are popular, and that’s leaving anytime soon. These fonts add a sense of authenticity to design. However, keep in mind: innovative design is still central, so use fonts whose sizes adapt well to different formats and media. 

Dark interfaces are in. In the past, white or brightly-colored backgrounds with dark text were all the rage. Now it’s the opposite. People want night modes. They’re looking for dark or black backgrounds and white text. This design started to become popular around 2019, but now it’s really taking off. It can be seen all over social media, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Dark color schemes permit more effective accent colors and let you read in low light with less energy and more screen life. Some sites even allow users to switch between light and dark themes manually.

What About Animations?

3D animations are an up-and-coming thing this new year. In the past, this form of animation was largely restricted to educational use. It is now a vital part of web promotion, thanks to speedier web-loading processes. The current popularity of virtual and augmented reality makes 3D animation a must-use for modern web design.

Fish animation

Watch for ScrollyTelling to become huge in 2022. This layout trend, also called narrative visualization, delivers visually appealing content with modern elements. It’s a staple of online journalism and adds a sense of authoritativeness to content. 

Forthcoming trends and styles are sure to change the way you approach blogging about your city. With ScrollyTelling, 3D animation, unique fonts, and adaptable color stylings, you can tailor a blog to look like an advanced version of traditional media. 

working on laptop

Of course, applying these styles and trends requires specialized knowledge. Get results with Success City Online or give us a call today!

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