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10 Ways to Make Your Pinterest Profile Stand Out

Would you like to expand your reach and grow your audience on Pinterest?  If you are, here are 10 great ways to make your Pinterest profile stand out:

1. Build and Establish Relationships With People of Influence

Social media platforms have influential account holders from different industries, and it will be beneficial if you were to establish a relationship with those who are in the same industry as your business. In Pinterest, you should look for like followers, who would benefit from your services. Follow them and re-pin the content that they liked. If possible, also give thoughtful comments on their pins.

2. Explore Rich Pins

Choose from the five rich pins (product pins, article pins, movie pins, recipe pins and place pins) and try to add your own original content into each one of them.

3. Follow Other Businesses

Many businesses share contents on Pinterest. Check out if a particular business has a Pinterest profile by doing Google searches or Pinterest searches.

4. Always Greet Commenters

Engage with potential customers. Greet commenters by their names and respond timely to questions that they posted on your pins. Social media users always take notice of profiles, that are actively engaged in conversations.

5. Create Pinterest Group Board For Other Users

Inviting users to pin to this board is one way to establish collaboration with prospective clients.

6. Pin or Re-Pin Infographics

Use easy to understand infographics to present easy and digestible pieces of information on Pinterest. People like to re-pin infographics that can drive website traffic.

7. Continue Posting Inspiring Pins

Coming up with inspiring pins is not a problem as Pinterest enables profiles to pin inspirational books, quotes, movies and art to name a few.

8. Optimize Your Pinterest Posts For Search Engines

It does not matter what social networking platform you use, it is best if you use SEO to make your posts more visible. Use keywords, backlinks, and other SEO requirements to make your Pinterest posts easy to search.

9. Regularly Post Fresh Content In Your Account

Share and send links of YouTube videos, SoundCloud recordings, and SlideShare presentations.

10. Make Sure That Your Business’s Profile Is Written Correctly

Business profiles on Pinterest only provide 200 characters with which to make use for your profile. Make sure that the descriptions are clear, relevant and easy to understand.

These are just some of the ways businesses can use Pinterest to promote themselves. There’s no harm in trying a few and see if they will work. Whichever resonates with your target audience, then adjust the strategy according to it.

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